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Accurate Business Solutions is a full-service firm located in Queens, NY. We have the resources of a large company but will give you the care & attention of a small business. With our combined knowledge, experience, and energy we can provide you with a safe and personal space for all economic needs.

We specialize in preparing individual and business tax returns, bookkeeping and consulting. We will help you resolve any issues from the IRS or state. We look forward to providing you with our services and helping you reach your goals.

Although we are in Queens, we have clients from Guam, California, Texas, Vermont, & Florida. With modern technology, distance is no problem, and we are dedicated to helping you. We are not a seasonal office; we are open and available to you all year! To get started on your journey with us, book a consultation today!

Our Team


Carol Weiss


Carol Weiss is the Owner and President of ABS. Carol grew up in Flushing, Queens and has been around taxes her whole life. Her father was an accountant and she helped him do taxes as a young teenager. Carol has been connecting with the community and filing taxes for over 50 years. She is a very spiritual person, and you will experience her caring nature with one conversation!


Tiffany de Wit

Director of Operations

Tiffany de Wit is the Director of Operations at ABS. She grew up in Woodhaven, Queens, where ABS first started. She is a Licensed Tax Preparer. As the Director of Operations, she has strong communication and management skills. She works closely and personally with clients and the team to assist with any issues that may arise. She also helps to ensure that the business is running smoothly and her friendly personality makes it easy to ask questions.

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